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How NOT to be an Influencer

"How NOT to be an Influencer" is a passion project born out of pandemic boredom, a love for photography, & intrigue of the instagram influencer.

What is it?

I plan to spend the next five weeks learning what it takes to be an instagram influencer! Yep, I'm talking blogging, vlogging, curated posting, and hopefully working with some local companies.

Each week will be themed based on types of influencers I personally enjoy following; travel, fashion, fitness, home, & beauty.

Along with a beautiful feed, curated photos, & lots of smiles, I will also be sharing all the real deal details behind the scenes of each post and blog.

My goal is to show what life is like as an influencer and to share all the work that goes into into it.

But really... why?

But really... why not? I don't know about you but I follow a variety of influencers from local micro-influencers to massive influencers with over 1M followers. And to be honest I've always thought "I could do that". But after watching influencers online, reading about bloggers, and listening to podcasts on the Instagram Algorithm, I realized "wow that's a full time job". These days influencers have teams of employees working for them and helping them brand themselves.

So what does it take to start a blog and become an influencer? Well let's find out.

Why you?

I feel called to this project because with a degree in public relations, a booming photography business, and a winter slow season... I felt like this is something to keep my creative mind flowing!

My promise to you...

I promise to keep it real with you. I wont gloss over the amount of work I put into each post, the times I fail, or all of the UNCHOSEN photos. I promise to try to remain curated but be true about the filters social media puts on your life!

I hope this project intrigues you like it does me and make sure to follow along on Instagram at

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