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About Savannah Allen

Name | Savannah Brant Allen

Age | 23

Born | Raleigh, NC

Raised & Currently Living | Lexington, KY

Hello & welcome to my little blog!

This blog was inspired by a need to be creative during a long pandemic winter. I graduated college with a degree in public relations & photojournalism and am currently working as a wedding photographer.

The goal of this blog is to experience life with me while learning the realness of what is behind the curated feed. You being here is so bomb-diggity & i hope not to let you down!


What is your job?

Basically I am a wedding industry fanatic. After interning at The Livery during college I fell in love with weddings. After college I began working at Bryant's Rent All helping industry professionals curate events & then the pandemic halted the world. I currently am still part time with Bryants and love it but I am now full time with my wedding photography business Sav A Photography LLC.

Are you married?

Yes! On December 20th, 2019 I married Alex Allen after dating for over 6 years! More to come about us!

Stay tuned for more & again thanks for being here!


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